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Next Event: Final of Winter Buckle Series - Buckle Series IV, April 29

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Demonstration at the Iowa State Fair

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Are you Cowboy enough to Join us?

Have you ever watched an old Western movie and marveled as the hero galloped his horse across the screen with reins in one hand, firing off shots left and right? Ever wished you could try it? If the romance and excitement of the Old West are calling, then Cowboy Mounted Shooting might be just the sport for you! Competitors range in age from 6 (Wranglers) to...there's one competitor who is over 80 years old!

Cowboy Mounted Shooting is an exciting display of horsemanship and marksmanship skills. In a Cowboy Mounted Shooting event men and women compete, one at a time, by riding their horse through a pattern of balloons (called a "stage") and shooting the balloons with blanks from .45 calibre single action revolvers.

Two things we love.. Riding horses and shooting guns.. put those together and you have the greatest equine sport in the world...

Cowboy Mounted Shooting Basics

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